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Wanderblyss offers a unique combination of in-depth tours and retreats that bridge local cultural awareness with a wide range of activities and first hand experience of local epicurean and artistic delights.

Our goal is to bring the world a little closer by experiencing a region’s cultural diversity up close and personal.

And if you are looking to purchase regional products from the comfort of your home, we will soon have our online store open where you will be able to order international foods, wines and local artisan handy work.


Wanda Meloni

For over 20 years Wanda Meloni has worked with some of the top tech, entertainment and Fortune 500 companies in the world. As a industry analyst and consultant she has worked in emerging technologies in graphics, animation, film, games, enterprise and visualization. She holds has an MBA in International Business Strategy, and speaks multiple languages. She has always been interested in bringing diverse companies, technologies, and people together to collaborate and learn from each other.

Half Sardinian, Wanda spent her summers growing up in Sardinia with her family. Her fondest memories are of running barefoot on the beaches, fishing for octapus and sea urchins, and exploring the diverse regions of the island. Now she wants to share this magical place with others.

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